Automated Guided Vehicle – 3D


This project focuses on translating technology to fill the need for an infrastructure free localization system to accurately estimate the position and orientation of an automated guided vehicle (AGV) in large-scale warehouse environments. It is important because it enhances current AGV technology, which in turn improves the efficiency of U.S. manufacturing by providing a reliable and safe means of meeting material movement demands. The project will result in an AGV-3D prototype being integrated into an actual AGV system, and demonstrated in a representative warehouse environment.

AGV-3D has the following unique features: it integrates the latest in 3D imaging technologies to enable robust and accurate localization of an AGV vehicle in a large-scale warehouse facility without the integration of wires, magnets, or reflectors in the environment. These features provide the following advantages: lower per-vehicle cost, lower facility installation cost, and increased facility flexibility when compared to the leading competing 2D laser guidance technology in this market space.


Infrastructure-Free Localization in Warehouse Environments


Dylan Schwesinger, John Spletzer,”A 3D approach to infrastructure-free localization in large scale warehouse environments”, the 12th IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE 2016), Fort Worth, TX, August 2016.
Full text – Google Scholar.