Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Thanks for the interest! We are always looking for talented, motivated people to work with. As robotics is a multidisciplinary field, students can be from a variety of backgrounds (we have graduate degrees in both electrical engineering and computer science for example). If you are interested in doing research and Prof. Spletzer’s door is open, feel free to stop in. Specific opportunities for students are as follows:

Graduate Students at Lehigh

We cannot offer funding to any student with whom we have not previously worked. However, if you are interested in doing research in robotics, please stop by Prof. Spletzer’s office to discuss. If there is mutual interest, he will arrange for a research project through an independent study. At the conclusion if there is still mutual interest, he will try to support you through either a TA or RA position.

Undergraduate Students at Lehigh

There are real opportunities for undergraduate research in the robotics lab. Each semester, Prof. Spletzer supervises several independent studies and senior design projects. However, because of the levels of interest not everyone can be accommodated. Preference is given to students that he has previously worked with (e.g. in relevant classes). Contact him directly if you are interested.

Funded summer internships in the robotics laboratory are also sometimes available. Again, strong preference is given to students who have previously worked in the lab and/or completed relevant coursework.

Students Applying to Graduate School at Lehigh

On your application, explicitly write that you are interested in working with Prof. Spletzer. He will review your application. Do not contact him directly, as you must first be accepted into the program before he can consider advising you.